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Odor Removal

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Have an Odor You Can’t Get Rid Of?

Don’t Just Live With It

Odors can cause problems for you and your visitors. Some folks get so used to the smells of their home that they can’t relate to an issue with their air quality. Sometimes it takes a friend or family member to point out a longstanding problem. Our odor removal solution is environmentally friendly and sanitizes areas affected by the odor. Carpeting, flooring, and drywall can hold on to the odors from things like pets, smoke, age, food and drink spills, and so much more.

Common Odor Concerns

Our treatment process can eliminate most odors without issue. Pure Air technology not only removes airborne mold and pathogens, but our odor removal process also works in large spaces, effectively removing the worst of odors in any given area.

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Urine | Urea

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Cigarette Smoke

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Foreign Food & Spills

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Musty Buildings

Our Trained Technicians Eliminate Just About Any Odor

The team and Pure Air Macomb have removed odors of many different types from all kinds of habitations. Give us a call today to learn more about the power of our dry fog mold removal system.

Odor Removal Done Right!


If you need to deodorize before a move, or you can’t handle a smell any longer, Pure Air is here to help. Our professional odor control service team in the Macomb area is well equipped to handle any residential or commercial odor removal job. Whatever the cause of the odor in your home or office, we have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to get rid of it entirely.

We do not mask odors with cheap perfumes and harsh chemicals. Our system penetrates your entire home from ductwork to the deepest crevasse. We only know how to remove odor one way and it’s the right way!


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Professional Mold Removal Service in the Macomb Area

Pure Air Macomb serves Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Shelby Township, Romeo, Chesterfield, Macomb, Sterling Heights & the surrounding areas making homes safe and healthy for your family!

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