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Mold Removal Romeo, MI 

Discovering mold in your home can be alarming. But don’t worry, not all molds are harmful to your health. Unfortunately, even healthy individuals can experience symptoms such as coughing and wheezing after being exposed to some strains of mold. Prolonged exposure can increase your risk of respiratory infections and illnesses. Regardless of the type and effects of the mold, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend removing it as soon as possible. Don’t take any chances with your health – take action to get rid of mold today.

Say goodbye to mold spores with Pure Air’s revolutionary Dry Fog Technology in Romeo, MI. Our process is non-invasive and time-efficient, as tiny dry fog particles eliminate mold spores within your home or office. This technique guarantees healthy air quality with maximum efficiency. Rest assured knowing our patented technology causes no wetness or chemicals, rendering it safe for electronics, paperwork, furniture, decor, and everything in your space. Upgrade your indoor air quality and breathe easy with Pure Air.

mold removal romeo mi

We use Peracetic  Acid (CH3OOOH), which is mixed with water and released in our fog. The water creates a reaction in which one oxygen atom breaks off and in a process known as “lysis”, the oxygen atom tracks down bacteria and mold and ruptures the cells.

Powered By Our Two-Step Advanced Dry Fog Technology

Our proprietary mold removal process in Romeo, MI uses a two-step system to create a safe, non-toxic ‘cloud’ that fills and penetrates every critical surface in your home, commercial, or industrial space. This ‘dry cloud’ is comprised of microscopic particles that kill everything from toxic mold and fungi to bacteria on contact—without leaving any wet residue. After treatment, you’ll pass a mold test, no problem.

Step 1 - InstaPURE

InstaPure fog gets so thick, it is difficult to see your hand in front of your face. This process, along with the associated vapor phase change; completely denatures all mold, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, without having to demolish your walls. This includes the disruption of mycotoxins and endotoxins. The best part of this process is that we leave no residue, and nothing gets damaged.  We encourage customers to leave out anything they want to be disinfected, and open cupboards, drawers, laptops, phones, and photos, it’s that safe.    

Step 2 - EverPURE

The second part of the process is called EverPure enables us to attach billions of nitrogen and carbon spikes on every surface leaving EPA-verified 90-day protection. Again, as with the first step InstaPure, there are no poisons or heavy metals involved. This means that a mold spore, bacteria, or virus has no chance of surviving on any surface of the home or office.

All of the above!! Dalton and Cole were excellent! We had been having breathing issues and they had caught the mold and treated it and now we are better! They were responsive very quickly with our test results and always gave us an update. They were honest, excellent manners, on time , very flexible (got us in next day) , work was great!

Brianna C.

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What is Dry Fog?

Revolutionize your mold treatment process with our unique approach. While other companies use fog and similar chemicals to combat mold, our patented process sets us apart. With our “dry” fog, microscopic particles effectively bounce off surfaces instead of sticking, eliminating damaging moisture. Using our innovative technology, we break down particles to a level much smaller than traditional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment. Trust us to provide superior results and benefits.

illustration showing how particles bounce off surfaces

Dry Fog

(Our Process)

The Benefits of Dry Fog:

Particles are half the size of mold spores. Where mold goes, our fog can go.

Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to use a lower concentration of chemicals in your home.

Treatment is safe for electronics and home furnishings

illustration showing how particles absorb on surfaces

Wet Fog

(Other Process)

Prepare For The Perfect Service

Check out our Materials Compatibility Guide to help you see the list of materials you should consider putting away before your treatment with us.

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