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With over 25,000 homes treated nationwide, Pure Air’s patented technology is the best way to keep your air pure and your home safe. We are your fresh start to a healthy home. Dry Fog technology is what sets Pure Air Mold Removal Macomb apart from the competition. Instead of sledge hammers slamming into your mold-infested walls, tiny particles of a dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroying all mold cells in it’s path. Our patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet. 

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Using naturally occurring processes found in nature, GreenTechDirect products are designed to be safe, efficient, and easy to use for everyone. Whether you are purifying your air, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your space, or doing your laundry, there products that will help you do it better. Shop air purification systems now from Pure Air Mold Remediation.

What Type of Properties Need Mold Removal, Air Quality Testing, & Bacteria Protection?

Pure Air Mold Removal’s technology is effective on more than just mold. It destroys and protects against other pathogens that can make you sick. We specialize in eradicating Ring Worm, MRSA, Staph, CDiff, anthrax, Flu Virus, Hand Foot and Mouth, Swine Flu, H1N1, and more.

Common places where mold & bacteria can be found:
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woman on couch with her cat


woman on couch with her cat


woman on couch with her cat

Retail Spaces

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Restaurants & Food Services

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Medical Facilities

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Manufacturing Plants

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Play Places

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Locker Rooms

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Professional Mold Removal & Air Quality Testing Services in the Macomb Area

Pure Air Macomb is a GSA Contract holder serving Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Shelby Township, Romeo, Chesterfield, Macomb, Sterling Heights & the surrounding areas making homes safe and healthy for your family!

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US Army Confirms Dry Fogging Effectiveness

Our two-step dry-fog technology was put to the test for 6 months by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Based on the results, the Pure Air treatment was proven effective at killing mold, disinfecting surfaces and keeping it from returning.

What others are saying about Pure Air Macomb

The entire process was thoroughly explained from testing for mold, identifying the types of mold found, and treating our offices. After using a medical-grade air purifier for the past 3 years I am thrilled to not need it any longer since the treatment took care of our very serious issue. Thank you so much!

David M.

I don’t often review companies, but I feel especially inclined to give positive feedback about Pure Maintenance. A very professional and informative group. The technician who treated our home was very courteous to our schedule and I felt comfortable leaving our home in his hands to treat while we were away. Would recommend to anyone with mold related issues.

Jake W.

Pure Air helped me fog a used car that I bought, he took the stuff out of the car and put it back in all I had to do was wait. The service was done quickly and efficiently. I’m looking forward to purified air quality in the new car.

Emma M.

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We are Pure Air Macomb

We would like to introduce our company, Pure Air Mold Removal Macomb, powered by Pure Maintenance. We are a company offering patented, Advanced Infection Control Solutions for air & surface disinfection.   We are involved in improving the indoor air quality of homes and businesses throughout the country. Currently, there are over 150 licensees throughout the US, with a new license entering the market every 10 days. 

We hope to be a valuable resource for your business here in the tri-county area in the future & years that follow.


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