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Commercial Sanitizing

Advanced Disinfecting & Sterilizing

Using the same amazing technology to kill mold, Pure Air uses its patented two-part system to create a germ barrier throughout your commercial space.

We begin by filling your building or room with a dry fog process. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely no residue by the time the treatment is over. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and has made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the desired dwell time until microbes are destroyed.

Pure Maintenance then begins the second step of the system. This process creates an antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces of the room that will ensure your home or business will be as microbe-free as possible.

Common Places We Disinfect

Mold can grow in many different places. Whether it is in your home or your business Pure Air Macomb is here to help make your area clean and healthy for your family, clients, and employees. Here are the most frequent places we sterilize:



Office Buildings







Pure Air prevents Pathogens & kills Mold that make people sick

Ring Worm, MRSA, Staph, CDiff, anthrax, Flu Virus, Hand Foot and Mouth, Swine Flue, H1N1, and more.

Health & Wellness

Pure Air has been recognized by medical professionals as a significant contributor to the treatment of mold-related illnesses by preventing re-exposure to harmful pathogens in the home after treatment.

Dr. Jeff Wright, Medical Director of the Utah Valley Health Clinic, shared the following:
Like any responsible medical professional, I had my initial “too good to be true” reservations. But after years of seeing the dramatic and measurable difference it has made in the lives of our patients, we now recommend their services as part of the care.

Commercial Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services in the Macomb Area

Pure Air Macomb serves Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Shelby Township, Romeo, Chesterfield, Macomb, Sterling Heights & the surrounding areas making homes safe and healthy for your family!

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