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Mold Removal

The Future of Mold Removal in Detroit, MI is Here!

Learn about the wide variety of molds and their impact on your well-being. Research suggests that even healthy individuals may experience coughing, wheezing, and other asthma-like symptoms when exposed to mold. Prolonged exposure increases the risk of developing infections or respiratory diseases. Regardless of the type of mold or your individual perception of its effects, the CDC strongly recommends promptly addressing any encountered mold.

Introducing Pure Air: Experience the revolutionary Dry Fog Technology that sets us apart. Bid farewell to tear-out methods and embrace our non-invasive approach. Our advanced technology releases microscopic dry fog particles, effectively eliminating mold spores in your home or office. Rest assured, our thorough and efficient process ensures the restoration of healthy air quality. What’s more, our patented technology leaves everything in your space dry and untouched. Safe for your electronics, papers, photos, upholstery, and plants. Discover the power of Pure Air today.

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We use Peracetic  Acid (CH3OOOH), which is mixed with water and released in our fog. The water creates a reaction in which one oxygen atom breaks off and in a process known as “lysis”, the oxygen atom tracks down bacteria and mold and ruptures the cells.

Dalton and came out today to do an air quality test. They are a great team..very professional and knowledgeable, very kind as well. Cole came out to do the mold remediaton, he did a great job. He explained the process beforehand. Very professional and personable. I would highly recommend Pure Air Macomb.

Pongomich P.

Family owned and operated. Competitive pricing, professional and on time from start to finish. I was fully advised about the process and how the mold would be removed. Of the companies I spoke with, Pure Air Macomb was the most upfront regarding ALL of the costs. Importantly the guarantee is transferable!

Kelley S.

Powered By Our Two-Step Advanced Dry Fog Technology

Discover our groundbreaking mold removal process. Our innovative two-step system creates a secure and non-toxic ‘cloud’ that fully envelops and deeply permeates every surface in your home, commercial, or industrial area. This potent ‘dry cloud’ consists of microscopic particles that effortlessly eradicate toxic mold, fungi, and bacteria upon contact. Moreover, there’s no need to concern yourself with any lingering damp residue. With our treatment, passing a mold test will be a breeze.

Step 1 - InstaPURE

Experience the power of InstaPure fog – a revolutionary solution that eliminates mold, bacteria, and viruses without any damage or residue. With our advanced vapor phase change technology, even the toughest contaminants like mycotoxins and endotoxins are completely disrupted. Say goodbye to the hassle of demolishing walls. Just leave out anything you want disinfected, from cupboards and drawers to laptops and phones. It’s safe and effective, ensuring a truly clean and healthy environment.    

Step 2 - EverPURE

Introducing EverPure – the crucial second step in our process that offers EPA-verified 90-day protection. By seamlessly attaching nitrogen and carbon spikes to every surface, we create an impenetrable shield against mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Just like the first step – InstaPure – there are no harmful toxins or heavy metals involved. Experience unmatched safety and complete peace of mind for your home or office.

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Contact Pure Air Macomb for mold inspection & tests, mold removal, pathogen removal, odor removal, and other disinfection services. Proudly serving the Macomb area.

What is Dry Fog?

Experience our distinctive approach to mold treatment, distinguishing us from others. While they may rely on fog and similar chemicals, our unparalleled method offers significant advantages. Our “dry” fog consists of ultra-fine particles that repel surfaces effortlessly, leaving no unwanted moisture. With our patented process, we break down particles to an unprecedented level, surpassing the capabilities of conventional sprayers or handheld fogging equipment.

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Dry Fog

(Our Process)

The Benefits of Dry Fog:

Particles are half the size of mold spores. Where mold goes, our fog can go.

Our chemicals stay airborne longer and are able to use a lower concentration of chemicals in your home.

Treatment is safe for electronics and home furnishings

illustration showing how particles absorb on surfaces

Wet Fog

(Other Process)

Prepare For The Perfect Mold Removal Service in Detroit, MI

Check out our Materials Compatibility Guide to help you see the list of materials you should consider putting away before your treatment with us.

Professional Mold Removal Service in the Detroit Area

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