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A Realtor’s Guide To Handling A Home With Mold

Jul 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Mold can cause a lot of problems in the real estate industry, but there is no reason a little mold should ruin a transaction.  


Pure Air Mold Removal Macomb is here to walk you through a few common scenarios we see as the industry leader for mold remediation in Macomb, MI.  Check out our quick guide to help you navigate through a mold situation and earn your well-deserved commission!  


Mold is found in the home


So mold was found in the home & it’s time to tell your client.  Be honest with them, but let them know that all mold isn’t bad.  Mold can be found everywhere, for example, in our homes, offices, and in the fresh outside air.  Although there are harmful types, mold is a natural organism that you will come across in your day-to-day life.  Mold helps break down dead leaves and trees, is used in making certain types of cheeses, and is the base of many modern-day medicines like Penicillin.  


It is impossible to have a completely mold-free home because mold is everywhere, but you should never be able to see or smell mold in a home.  If this is the case, the home has elevated amounts of mold.


Mold in the home will only grow where there is water or high humidity.  If you find mold around one of the windows, where condensation is present, you don’t need to start ripping out all the walls.  You will want to focus on the space where the water and mold growth is occurring and remove the mold at its source.  


Eliminate Mold At The Source


Instead of time-consuming and invasive tear-out methods, Pure Air Mold Removal Macomb can dry fog your home to destroy any mold spores.  This is the most thorough and efficient way to restore healthy air quality to your home. The patented technology creates such a small particle that nothing in your home or office is wet once the process is finished.  It is safe for everything in your home including electronics, papers, photos, upholstery, plants, etc.


Our method is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to eliminate mold and make sure the home is ready for your client.  


Mold Inspections & Removal In Macomb


Locating mold in a home can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience for realtors and buyers.  With the help of Pure Air Removal Macomb, you can keep your commission and put your clients’ minds at ease.   


Schedule an appointment for mold inspection & mold removal services in Macomb, MI today!


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