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Mold Testing & Inspection

mold inspection warren mi

Mold Inspection

Warren, MI 

Constantly feeling sick?

Purchasing a new home?

Worried about unseen mold?

Test your house now and get results within days in Warren, MI.

Mold Inspection Warren, MI

Discover if mold or pathogens are affecting the air in your Warren, MI space. Our air quality test reveals the unseen danger lurking in your indoor environment. Headaches, fatigue, skin rashes, and more could be symptoms of mold exposure. Take control of your air quality and make informed decisions about your living or working space. Contact Pure Air Macomb now for a healthier environment.

Lab Verified Results

All tests are sent overnight to a third-party lab to verify the type and amount of mold spores found. Results for air tests are received within 2-3 business days.

Buying a Home?


30% of new homes have some form of mold growing in them. Pure Air is here to help.


A mold inspection is a crucial step that should not be overlooked when buying a new home. Mold growth can cause serious health issues such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, headaches, and even death. It is also a sign of water damage that can lead to structural damage if left untreated. In addition, some types of molds are highly toxic and can release harmful mycotoxins into the air, which can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional mold inspector assess the home for any signs of mold growth and to identify the type of mold present. This will give you the peace of mind that you are moving into a safe and healthy environment. Additionally, discovering mold before purchasing a home can help you negotiate a better price or avoid buying a potentially hazardous property altogether. In short, a mold inspection is an investment in your health and financial well-being.

mold inspection warren mi
mold inspection warren mi

Lingering Illnesses?


93% of Sinus Infections are caused by mold. Mold exposure has also been known to cause the following effects:

Lingering illnesses can be caused by mold in your home, a common indoor air pollutant that affects the respiratory system. Mold can grow in damp, warm and dark areas of your home, such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. When mold spores are inhaled, they can trigger allergic reactions, ranging from mild sneezing and coughing to more severe respiratory issues. Additionally, prolonged exposure to mold can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to other infections and illnesses. If you suspect that mold may be affecting your health, it is essential to have a mold inspection done immediately. An experienced technician can identify and diagnose the source of the mold, provide remediation recommendations, and help restore the air quality of your home. It is important to take immediate action to protect you and your family from the adverse health effects of mold.

Professional Mold Removal Service in the Warren, MI Area

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